Brand Strategy and Demand Generation System for a Biotech Startup

In a Nutshell


Ariel Precision Medicine is a digital health company delivering precision medicine solutions to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of complex chronic diseases and disorders. Ariel provides next-generation sequencing powered genetic testing combined with clinical decision insights to help medical teams diagnose un-explained symptoms and improve treatment at the earliest signs of chronic diseases such as pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer.


Though Ariel’s solutions are innovative and well regarded by existing clients, they had not communicated a clear and compelling value proposition to their target market. Their marketing operation lacked engaging content, a well-defined sales funnel and CRM connectivity to capture and convert new leads effectively. They also didn’t have a system to maintain long-term engagement with physicians and patients after the initial use of their products, which limited opportunity for repeat business.

Bevelroom Consulting was hired to help Ariel build brand awareness, update their digital presence and better integrate their marketing and sales systems to drive customer acquisition and adoption of new products.


Comprehensive Audit

We started with a comprehensive audit of Ariel’s mission and product, brand assets, analytics and the existing website and CRM infrastructure. We also conducted interviews with the team and key accounts to uncover customer journey triggers that would motivate account creation and usage.


Customer-Centric Approach

In addition to gathering input from the team, we generated and incorporated new customer intelligence into the plan through key account interviews, benchmarking and analytics. From these insights, we created new audience targeting profiles and SEO keywords.


Value Proposition and Content Strategy

We then worked with the Ariel team to clarify their differentiating strengths and to build new segment specific value propositions which would be incorporated into a new solution-focused messaging architecture, style guide and re-usable content. This new architecture and content library enabled integrated campaigns across web, email, social media and sales channels to extend Ariel’s awareness with healthcare professionals and their patients. 

Website and CRM

We led a refresh to the website to incorporate new value proposition messaging and product descriptions, streamline navigation, boost SEO and upgrade underlying theme and CMS for easier site management and future content deployments. We also worked with the marketing and sales teams to implement a simpler conversion path for new accounts, integrated with CRM (ActiveCampaign) and Google Analytics. This allowed for better lead qualification and assignment across the regional sales teams.


In the first 6 months after the launch of the new marketing strategy, website and CRM enhancements, Ariel’s search awareness increased and their team have been able to more easily create brand building content in support of new product launches.

Up 16%

Organic Search Ranking

Up 83%

Website Users

Up 88%

Conversion rate

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