Demand Generation and Sales Effectiveness for IT Services Consulting

In a Nutshell


Plus+ Consulting (acquired by iVision in July 2022) is a digital transformation consultancy and managed IT services firm specializing in cloud technologies, cybersecurity, strategy and staffing solutions suited to medium and large enterprises. The executive leadership consists of former CIO’s, CISO’s who bring a breadth and depth of industry perspectives to their engagements.


After 21 years of growth, Plus’s awareness and pipeline had plateaued. They lacked the necessary demand generation and marketing expertise to take the brand to the next level in an evolving B2B services environment.

Bevelroom Consulting was hired to revamp the Plus brand, update their digital presence and better integrate their marketing and sales systems to drive sales pipeline using the latest digital methods such as ABM to optimize both their inbound and partnership channels.


Comprehensive Audit

We started with a comprehensive audit of Plus’s strengths and challenges, sales collateral and process, and the existing website and Salesforce CRM infrastructure. We conducted interviews with the commercial team to re-discover their sources of strength and identify fresh opportunities to build new offers and co-sell with technology and event partners.

Customer-Centric Approach

In addition to gathering input from the team, we generated and incorporated new customer intelligence into the plan through key account interviews, benchmarking and analytics. 

From these insights, we documented an ICP (ideal client profile) and TAL (target accounts list), mapped their tech buyer journey and developed a new ‘buying vision’ aligned to the sales process. We also used personas and interaction triggers to activate more precisely targeted lead gen content, offers, CTAs and sales plays.


Value Proposition and Thought Leadership Content Strategy

We then worked with the Plus+ practice teams to clarify their differentiating strengths and brand voice into new segment, persona targeted value propositions and content pillars featured in a new online thought leadership center and premium gated formats (i.e. playbooks, checklists). This new content strategy fueled full-funnel ABM and partner  campaigns across web, email, social media and sales channels to extend awareness, boost lead volume and quality and create new touchpoint signals for better target account focus.

Website, ABM and CRM

We also led a refresh of the website to incorporate new value proposition messaging and solution descriptions, and boost search visibility through SEO and PPC. We  implemented new offers and conversion funnels supported with PPC and LinkedIn campaigns, landing page lead generation, and CRM email nurture and sales assignment automation.  We used Google Analytics and buyer intent data to further build target accounts and refine content activations. 

Sales Effectiveness  

We collaborated closely with consulting practices and the sales team to incorporate client feedback, website analytics and 3rd party intent data to strengthen value proposition attributes and make sales touchpoints more productive. With these new approaches, we were able to identify and deliver right-timed offers into the best channels to expand existing account relationships and speed up deals.


In the first 12 months we exceeded expectations by delivering increased brand engagement and tremendous sales pipeline growth for target accounts, all at improved cost levels.


Brand Engagement Increase


Qualified Website Traffic


Pipeline Growth

Bevelroom Consulting matured our marketing capabilities with a direct result to our bottom line. I really appreciated the right-sized approach to problem solving and developing a plan to solve our needs practically.”

— Mark Husnick, CEO Plus+ Consulting

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